Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Long Time Coming!

I have been wanting to write a blog for a long time, but I am always so busy with trying to make stuff for my store Sweet Intoxication Designs.  And now this year I am giving it another go and reopened Sweet Intoxication Hunts and "oh my god" am I loving it!  Thank you to the all the amazing stores who have enjoyed the fun and insanity with us and I look forward to the future with all of you and many more.  I love fun times with my MC sisters Devil Dolls MC and my amazing family and friends.  Some would say that should be enough.... Smirks and giggles if you only knew the insanity in my head.

So with all the craziness that brings, I still have my love and growing interest in photography.  I have always enjoyed taking pictures in Secondlife as well as real life.  And I love reading and looking at blogs about fashion, fun and the random lala la.  

As you see that is what has brought us here... Last night as I sat thinking (1)... I really need sleep "giggles" (2) I really need to start highlight my designs and throwing in the mix others designers as well.  It's scary the random things you decide on after countless nights suffering from insomnia.  So I thought blog or just be a pain and randomly IM everyone online with silliness. Blog won..  I did IM a few I think

Laughs for anyone who knows me knows I have a love of shopping, gachas, creating fun scenes and all in between.  I decided to take all that plus the joke of one of my sisters calling me the "cupcake goddess" and smash it all together with bam, bang, boom, eeck and a few other words...  And poof my long awaited blog has been born.   

So hugs, kiss and nom nom frosting the adventure begins! 

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